Audi RS2



  • 68,874 Mileage:
  • 158 Top Speed:
  • 1995 Year:
  • 4.8 0 - 60:
  • May 2018 MOT Expiry:
  • 315 BHP:
  • 6 / 12 Months Tax Expiry:
  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission:
  • Polar Silver Exterior Colour:
  • 2226 Engine Capacity:
  • Black Leather Interior Colour:
  • Inline 5 Turbo Engine Configuration:


The RS2 was built as a collaboration between Audi AG and Porsche and was the first of Audi’s legendary “RS” vehicles. The RS2 used the most powerful and well developed inline 5 cylinder turbo charged engine that had powered so many Quattro over the past 15 years. It firmly established Audi as a producer of practical high performance vehicles something that it excels at today.

Built only in estate form, just 180 RHD models were produced by Audi then assembled by Porsche at their Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany famous for the assembly of the Mercedes-Benz 500E and Porsche 959.

Like most of the car the engine was based on a a unit that Audi already produced however Porsche modified the engine till it produced 311bhp at 6,500. Coupled with the Quattro drive system the RS2 became a formidable weapon and could accelerate from 0-100Kph in 4.8 seconds. In an Autocar road test of the time it was timed from 0-30mph in less than 1.5seconds faster than a McLaren F1 and also a Formula one car of the time!

Along with the exceptional engine performance came Porsche designed braking and suspension systems replacing the standard Audi 80 equipment. A sports three spoke steering wheel and Recaro bucket seats available in full leather or a leather/suede combination.


Air Conditioning, Electric Recaro seats, Carbon inlays, Kenwood head unit, Ellipsoidal headlamps and washer system, Immobiliser, Auto check system, Voltmeter, Oil pressure gauge, Oil temperature gauge, Diff lock, Porsche Brembo braking system, Porsche Cup I wheels.


Porsche CEO Ferdinand Piech was to realise his idea for a fast estate with this skunkworks project – the RS2.

There is no mistaking the Porsche influence with this in-house project known internally as ‘P1’; mirrors, side lights, wheels and brakes all migrating from the neighbours parts inventory. The Polar Silver bodywork retains a rich, deep lustre that sparkles beautifully in natural light; an exceptionally popular period colour that appears as a layered, almost two-tone effect, depending upon light conditions. Trims, grilles and surrounds have aged well whilst lights and lenses remain moisture free.


The cabin is unapologetically 90’s; vertical vents, rectangular head rests and white dials are pure retro fever. The Recaro seats of the period hug the midriff noticeably well and given single ownership over the last 20 years present impeccably, without noticeable bolster wear and still exhibiting an almost matte effect. The carbon inlays show well without lacquer peel or distortion whilst an updated Kenwood head unit provides more modern day connectivity. The original radio is supplied.

Carpets and mats are excellent throughout whilst the boot space and luggage protector are also present tidily.


Having been over serviced throughout its life the engine and drive train has had everything it has needed courtesy of the Audi main dealer network. The 5 cylinder engine is incredibly smooth and delivers its mighty power, courtesy of a KKK turbocharger that was 30 per cent larger than on the Audi S2, with a wonderful torque hit than pins you to the seat.

The gearbox feels tight and precise and its as easy to drive around town as it is on the open road. The manual lock for the rear diff works smoothly; only for the most challenging conditions at low speed.


The Porsche Cup I wheels present unmarked wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 3’s; all with over 5mm across the tread.

The Brembo big brake kit is evenly matched to the performance available, pulling the car up strongly with a minimum of fuss.


Delivered in March of ’95 by Listers of Coventry this RS2 has never strayed from the main dealer network. The meticulous service routine is outlined below;

16.03.96 – 7,601 miles – Listers

17.05.97 – 13,996 miles – Listers

17.03.98 – 17,168 miles – Listers

22.03.99 – 18,882 miles – Listers

03.05.00 – 22,220 miles – Listers

03.05.01 – 26,939 miles – Listers

04.05.02 – 28,706 miles – Listers

30.04.03 – 32,574 miles – Listers

14.01.04 – 37,858 miles – Listers

13.05.04 – 40,145 miles – Listers

26.05.05 – 46,310 miles – Lister

16.05.06 – 54,649 miles – Listers

08.03.07 – 56,373 miles – Coventry Audi

07.05.08 – 61,084 miles – Coventry Audi

12.05.09 – 61,644 miles – Coventry Audi

04.05.10 – 64,272 miles – Coventry Audi

18.04.11 – 66,206 miles – Coventry Audi

23.05.12 – 67,958 miles – Walton Audi

02.05.14 – 68,449 miles – Walton Audi

22.05.15 – 68,656 miles – Walton Audi

10.05.16 – 68,755 miles – Walton Audi

29.09.16 – 68,776 miles – Walton Audi

25.05.17 – 68,819 miles – Walton Audi

Every single Service invoice is accounted for alongside the original Order form and PDI certificate. Even the original tracker subscription is present. In addition to the above the original RS2 dealer brochure, 1995 model year price list and accessories brochure are included as well as the supplying dealer wallet with the Sales Managers card of the time! The file also houses two spare keys and every Tax disc from new.

The whole sales and ownership process is logged from Day 1 – provenance simply does not get better.


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